2018 – Our first year in New England

2018 was a year full of changes and adventures. We felt so blessed for the smooth move to Rhode Island at the beginning of the year and are constantly humbled to see God’s hands and all He has given us. I’m grateful for the challenges we faced that brought us closer together and to our Savior. The highlights and challenges of the year: seeing Luke go from crawling to taking his first steps in our new home to walking and running, Luke going from mild to wild, celebrating his first birthday, summer walks at the park daily, going to the beach once a week, Luke started taking swimming lessons, Seth’s new job, Luke’s first real cold, weaning Luke and transitioning him to solids, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, Luke and I getting hit on the freeway by someone who had moved from Ohio to RI the previous day, Seth’s long study hours and work hours in the summer, mice found in our apartment twice, exploring Boston, Connecticut and Rhode Island, going to the Arctic Monkeys concert with Seth, making new friends from church and library and having a wonderful next door neighbor, having both families visit including Eduardo, Lauren and Eleanor, sailing in Newport for the first time, serving in the Portuguese branch and being instruments in His hands to help the youth in our class, acquiring a new skill (translation), trip to Vegas (stayed at a 5-star hotel – Four Seasons) and Utah, Seth passed his 3rd actuarial exam, first Christmas in RI, and passed my citizenship test. When I look back, I learned that when we give of ourselves to others, we indeed find ourselves and see miracles in our lives. We love our little family so much and the life we have. We love being surrounded by so many great people. I am looking forward to 2019 and all the exciting things that will bring!

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