First Christmas at Home Away from Home

December was a month filled with Christmas songs, decorating, crafting, baking, shopping and wrapping gifts, mailing out Christmas cards, reading Christmas stories, and visiting friends. It was so special to spend our first Christmas in Rhode Island as a family and wake up home on Christmas morning. Christmas was so magical and I wish I could relive this day again. Luke makes everything more magical and fun. We love our little family, our families, our friends, and the Savior. He is the light of the world. Our hearts were overwhelmed by the love of our families and God’s blessings as we sat by the tree, opened gifts, played with Luke as he opened each toy, made breakfast and dinner together, lit the fireplace, heard Christmas songs, read and watched videos of the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. I know Luke won’t remember these moments but the love and joy he felt will forever be with him.